Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Dutch!

This blog entry is solely for our friend Tim, aka Syama Gopala. Now we have biked 850 kilometers North from Porvoo. And what meets our eyes when we roll into Kuusamo. Yes, you are in our thoughts, you don't need to try this hard. And no, we did not buy any Dutch cheese, thank you for asking.



Anonymous said...

haha that is awesome! Finally something I can understand and relate to. Keep up the biking. Hope the weather is better overthere than here, judging from the pictures it is.

Anonymous said...

About Kaisas hard destiny! Don´t mind Kaisa, "pojat on poikia" and when they start thinking, first comes always "fix ideas" until some clever women take them back to earth!!
Keep going.

Anonymous said...

Good words.